Sunday, July 2, 2017


I updated a bunch of old recent posts with pictures! (I've been slacking) :/ Check them out, there are some pretty fun(ny) ones! :) Here are some of the best.  -Amy

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Be All In!

Monday June 26

This week we tried to stay dry with Tropical storm Cindy! Thankfully the sun is back out. :)

Last Monday we met with Sam. She is doing great, she has really been studying and praying to receive an answer for herself about the truth of the Book of Mormon and this being Jesus Christ's church. She expressed that her Mormon family members would rejoice if she got baptized but her Baptist family members would be repulsed... but she has a strong desire to confirm her beliefs that this is the right path for her. This week we're planning to introduce her to a member who joined the church despite family opposition. I admire those who have that integrity. The blessings that come are real and well worth it. 

Tuesday we had district meeting and spent the day visiting people in Loxley/ Robertsdale/ Silverhill. We knocked on the door at the adress of a less active member and found she had moved, but that a young family had moved in. They were interested, so we hope to meet with them! That evening, we went to a surprise good-bye (they're moving) party for Rex and Michelle who I had heard so much about. They are good friends with Esther, Matt, the 20s group. It was so uplifting to be around so many people around my age that have strong faith in Jesus Christ, even if they have some different beliefs. 

Wednesday we did service at Emmy's thrift shop while cats and dogs fell from the sky. We were told to continue to go out and teach, so we drove to our dinner appointment with the Christensens. And well worth it because they made brownie cookies for dessert that were soooo goey and good, and somehow gluten and dairy free, too! The members are really good about helping Sister Kirkham with her allergies. 

Thursday Sister Boxx took us to Ruby Tuesdays with her sons, so it was an entertaining meal. We weekly planned. 

Friday we were on an exchange with the Mobile sisters, I was with Sister Jensen! We had an awesome lesson with Tristian and Sister Mills; Sister Mills bore powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and promise Tristian she will receive her own answer of its truth. She's an awesome teacher! Tristian- she is so dedicated and sincere and real! She just gets it! This past week she noticed that she was much more patient with people, less angry, and that people noticed and asked her about it. She told them the source of her change was from going to church, praying, and meeting with the Mormon missionaries. When people gave her grief about it, she would ask, "do you even know any Mormons?" "No..." "Then how can you say that?" Yeah Tristian!! She wasn't even phased! In her prayer, she said she feels assured that she is on the right path. Ahh, I love her!

Sister Mills took us to lunch at Panini Pete's in the French Quarter of downtown Fairhope... so good!! She bought us beignets for dessert! I felt like I was in New Orleans. :) We had a lesson with investigator Alice who said the closing prayer, which was a big deal, to say the least. Then dinner with Robert and Ruthie! They had us pick and take home blueberries from their tree, and showed us how to make a blueberry crumble. We taught the Restoration, but I think they wanted to know more for information than seeking to have a change of heart... It was still a nice time, though!

Saturday we took the car into Pep Boys for an oil change. There was a long wait, so we walked to a Thai restaurant for lunch. The waitress was so kind and loved what we do as missionaries, so she paid for our meals! Tender mercy, because it's the end of the month and funds are running pretty low... it was so kind of her! That evening the elders' investigator Bobby got baptized. There were 100 people there! He's wanted to get baptized since 14 but had to wait until 18 because his parents were opposed. It was so neat to see all the support and love he's received over the years by members to help him get to this point. 

Sunday none of our investigators could come to church, but it was still an uplifting meeting. We had a funny dinner with the Amare family. 

This week I loved Elder Gary B. Sabin's talk, "Stand Up Inside, and Be All In." He said, "When my dad was 90, we were in an airport and I asked him if I could get him a wheelchair. He said, “No, Gary—maybe when I get old.” And then he added, “Besides, if I get tired of walking, I can always run.” If we are not able to be “all in” the way we are presently walking, then maybe we need to run; maybe we need to recalculate our route. We might even need to make a U-turn. We might need to study more intently, pray more earnestly, or just let some things go so we can hang on to those things that really matter. We may need to let go of the world so we can hang on to eternity." I love you all!

Southern accent?

Monday June 19

Hey y'all! I thought I was developing a Southern accent, but clearly not- this week a linguist from Croatia was so tickled by my and Sister Kirkham's Utah accents; at least she thought they were cool!

On Tuesday we had district meeting in Foley- a member Sister Emmertson drove us and took us to lunch at Olive Garden afterward. We had a lesson with Matt (ironically at a coffee shop)- :) among the group of 20s aged people we know who were all raised Baptist and now attend modern Baptist or non denominational churches, he is one of the most open to learn and do what is required to receive an answer- still difficult to tell someone they only enjoy the influence rather than the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

Wednesday, we had an exchange with the Toxey sisters. Sister Ball and I did service at the library, checking books to make sure they were organized and tidy. We then visited Alice who has been investigating the church for quite some time, believes the Book of Mormon is true, but struggles with the concept of a modern prophet. I have faith from experience, though, that her concern can be resolved! :) That night, we had dinner with the Petersen family, who had a nonmember friend over who just graduated and is searching for purpose and happiness. We are trying to meet with her because we know Jesus Christ through His restored gospel will bring her that! Unfortunately, Satan knows that, too, and sure does all he can to make sure people like her can't meet with us. That's why we must do all we can to oppose his efforts with our own!

Thursday we went to visit a former investigator Molly, but found she wasn't home. Neither was her neighbor, who was previously interested. So, we knocked on a door around the corner and met a woman who said to come back later. She said she thought her neighbor Denise was Mormon, and right at that moment Denise pulled up in her car! We met her, and turns out she's RLDS- she welcomed us right into her home where we had a nice conversation. She was not interested, but it was interesting to ask each other questions. On the way to our dinner appointment, at a stop light, the car next to us with three guys inside asked for our number- I said no, we're missionaries, and invited them to check out They said they would! Maybe not for the right reasons, but hey. It was funny. :)

Friday we met with Tristian at the pier- she's who was working at the care home where we were visiting a member the other week. The Spirit really led that lesson! When we invited her to church, she said, "I get off at 7am, what time is it at?"... "9am"... (no hesitation) "Okay, I'll be there." Even after a night shift! If that isn't a sign of dedication, I don't know what is!
That evening we saw Gilvonia and emphasized the importance of coming to church. She works Sundays to help provide for her kids as a single mom. Sometimes when I hear of people's difficult circumstances, I hesitate to invite people to make the sacrifices necessary to come to church, pray, and study the scriptures. However, the Spirit always reminds me to have more faith and boldly promise to them that when we want to follow Jesus Christ and receive answers, peace, and direction, He will provide a way to keep His commandments, even when that requires sacrifice. 

Saturday we unlocked the church for people preparing for a wedding, did our weekly planning, and attended the civil wedding of two members. Lots of good food!

Yesterday Tristian came to church for all three hours! She felt very loved and enjoyed it! We had dinner with a couple- ox tail stew, which sounds weird but it was soooo tasty! Flan for dessert. :) The husband is a member and the wife is not. Two of their friends were there, too. They asked some questions about the church and Brother Ramos answered and taught very simply and powerfully. One of the friends was interested in learning more, and we gave her our number. 

Trusting in God's promises is an act of faith that requires truly believing that when we act according to God's words with sincerity, those blessings He promises will really come forth. I know that with God, all things are possible, and He always provides a way for us to keep His commandments. I love you all!