Sunday, August 6, 2017

This is the best thing in the world!

 Monday July 24

This week was busy and happy! Here are some highlights:

Wednesday was zone conference in Daphne. It was one of the best zone conferences I've been to, and I've been to quite a few! I think it was because we followed the counsel of Elder Uceda to "talk less, do more." We did a workshop on finding with six five-minute trainings, each followed with 15 minutes of role-playing/evaluating. One district leader even incorporated a clogging competition in his training to illustrate the point that as missionaries we each have unique talents to serve with. :) That evening we had dinner with the Spencer family who made the best banana pudding I've had, and I've had quite a bit of naner puddin here in the South. 

Thursday we helped Sister Wilson who makes quilts with a group to give to war veterans. 
That evening we met with Robert and Ruthie, who told us very frankly and firmly that they will not ever join the church, nor pray about the Book of Mormon. I was sad to see it end there, but thankful for their honesty, as we are to find and teach those who are willing to act. They said they'll still love to have us over for dinner in the future. We love them!

Friday we felt like we needed to try to visit Mary, a friend of Brother Winberg's who he had asked the missionaries to visit several months ago. There was no answer when we knocked, but the door of the adjacent apartment (a duplex) opened and a boy told us to knock on Mary's patio door instead. As we were about to try this door, we saw through the glass that Mary was taking a nap on her couch, but we decided to embrace the awkward and knock on the door. We did wake her up, but boy are we glad we did! She let us right in, we answered her questions, taught the restoration, and she loved it. She is so open to additional truth and was so touched when we gave her her own Book of Mormon. 

Saturday morning, we did yard work for Deirryah and Erriah, and their mom Diedrah, (use phonics). They're two young women that are good friends with some members in the ward. It was super fun! We hacked some gnarly vines, clipped hedges, and Brother Palmer from the ward mowed the grass in their back yard. Alabama is such a jungle! We saw two huge spiders the size of the palm of my hand... 

We've been doing a lot of planning for Tristian's baptism- pray that all goes well for this Saturday! The ward has been reaching out to her with so much love and support, and she feels ready. She is so wonderful! 

This week Alma 33:11 stuck out to me- Heavenly Father is perfectly mindful of all that we are struggling with. His Son Jesus Christ is the source of joy and peace- it is a choice we can make to allow him to take our afflictions and let them be swallowed up in His joy. It is such a reality!

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